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New Feet!

Product/Skill: Hill Walking boots Interest: Walking
A spare pair of socks, a cool stream and five minutes sat on a rock in the sun make for a brilliant refresher on long summer walks. Makes your feet feel like new and your mates will love you at the end of the day when you don't dump a mass of radioactive waste into the car! Bridge dale Comfort Trekkers paired with Bridgedale liners are my favourite combination.
Posted on Dec 5, 2010 by MattVS

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For the 'perfect boot fit'

Product/Skill: Hill Walking boots Interest: Walking
To give us the best possible chance to get that 'perfect fit' try and follow as many of the following:

•   Come in with your favourite pair of walking socks- Better still consider a new pair (Treat your feet!) as we have all been guilty of wearing socks far beyond their used by date

•   Try to come in having spent time on your feet - ideally if you can go for a walk before coming into store your feet will be prime for fitting.

•   Allow plenty of time, there are no prizes for finishing quickly. Instead take time to make the right informed decision.

•   Check your nails don't need trimming, it is likely you will only get a little on the embarrassed side and they tend to get in the way ... all be it just a little.

•   Be sure not to come in with fresh or healing blisters - a foot in pain is never a good starting point for a boot fit.

Most importantly - have confidence in our abilities. All staff are given full footwear fitting inductions that have come out of our years of experience as a leading Outdoor specialist, all training is also followed up on a regular basis. Not only is training provided but staff are selected based on their experience as outdoor enthusiasts, meaning your not speaking to somebody who ‘talks the talk’ but has … walked the walk!
Posted on Feb 5, 2010 by Stu C

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Clever lacing...

Product/Skill: Hill Walking boots Interest: Walking
When walking through areas with brambles/gorse/forest debris, tie your laces with a reef knot rather than a traditional bow. The latter tends to escape from the neck of the boot and the loops of the bow can become caught.

If you find yourself lacking a pair of ankle gaiters (or if your trousers are a little long and collect in a fold on top of your boot), run your laces in opposite directions around the outside of the boot neck before tying off. Tuck the remaining lace inbetween the tongue fold and the outer neck. You can then tuck the base of your trouser up under the loop of lace at the sides and back, which will give you a few extra inches of clearance to keep your trouser leg tidy and dry in short, wet grass and through shallow streams (anything taller/deeper and you really need a gaiter). The same can be improvised with an elastic band or a military-style 'trouser twist'.
Posted on Jan 10, 2010 by Dan M

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Watch out for rope burn from boot laces!

Product/Skill: Hill Walking boots Interest: Walking
When walking/climbing in the winter and you are tying your boots with cold hands, be careful not to pull too tight as you can easily get rope burn from wet laces as your numb hands won't feel the friction. Try getting used to tying your laces with gloves on...
Posted on Oct 9, 2009 by William B

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Take time to get the perfect fit

Product/Skill: Hill Walking boots Interest: Walking
When your looking to buy a new pair of boots, put aside plenty of time to spend in store getting measured up and trying some on.
Remember, you might be walking for 8 or more hours in them in a day, so its worth spending time in them in store to make sure they are going to be right for you.

If your having problems finding the right pair, its well worth booking an appointment with your nearest store so you get a more personal fitting session.
Posted on Oct 2, 2009 by Darren W

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To prevent laces working up over the top of your

Product/Skill: Hill Walking boots Interest: Walking
Dan Dennehy wrote: To prevent laces working up over the top of your boot and becoming loose on boots with hook-type eyelets, hook the laces through the final eyelet from the top. This allows the laces to be tied off in a position between the final and penultimated eyelets, keeping them nice and tight and preventing them from moving up
Posted on Sep 28, 2009 by StayOnTheEdge

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When contemplating buying new boots, first clean

Product/Skill: Hill Walking boots Interest: Walking
Iain Coker wrote: When contemplating buying new boots, first clean your old worn out boots and wash your favourite sock(s). Carefully wrap them up and take the to the shop in the late afternoon. When in the shop try on the new boots and compare them with the old ones in every concievable combination. You may get some strange looks, but being able to compare what you know feels good to something new should prevent the "For sale - hardly used" advertisment being required. Why late in the afternoon - your feet can swell by about half a size during the day.
Posted on Sep 28, 2009 by StayOnTheEdge
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